Providing full-cycle game development services,
including QA, CX, producing, art, graphics.

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01. End-to-en development

Skywaylab offers full-cycle development services that cover all the stages of creating a game including but not limited to preparing a game design document and concept art, 2D and 3D modelling and animation, coding and post-release maintenance.

02. Co-development

If you have an in-house team that can cover some pieces of the game development project but you still need a hand with coding or 3D animation, or creating a multiplayer, Skywaylab team got you covered.

03. Dedicated team

In case you need to augment your in-house game development team, Skywaylab experts are at your service. We are ready to offer you dedicated concepts, 2D and 3D artists and animators, Unity developers, technical artists and game designers etc.

Development team


It’s a person with vast game development and gaming experience who observes the most trendy styles and game mechanics, and conveys them during both ideation and development stages. Skywaylab offers services of seasoned game designers who make sure that the games we make always hit the nail and are addictive.


Depending on the size of a project, this person handles the entire team or sub-groups of professionals, ensuring that every teammate is on the same page and in line with our Clients’ vision and goals. Our veteran project managers are responsible for transparent communication and seamless and on-time delivery of video game titles.


Large scale projects often require a producer whose role is to constantly align Client’s needs with industry trends and best practices, and with the key team members who work on the game. A protean producer conveys a holistic artistic vision to the game development team, thus ensuring the right direction for the entire project.


Art leads are veterans who are responsible for artistic integrity within the scope of a game project. Often they lay the foundation for the other artists and mentor them throughout the entire game development process. Our accomplished art leads ensure that concept, 2D and 3D artists and modellers keep in mind the big picture and follow the best practices to deliver the finest pieces of art


This role addresses gaps between art team and developers. Tech leads make sure that art looks, moves and feels nice inside a selected game engine. This often involves initiating and managing brainstorming sessions between creative modelers and animators on one hand and methodical game engineers on the other. Normally tech leads are responsible for lighting, shaders and implementing various visual effects and animations.


Concept artists are always on the forefront of the majority of art-related tasks. Whether you need to create a draft of your joyful 2D protagonist or sketches of a grisly forest, these experts come into play. Some of them excel at drawing concepts of characters while the others favour environments or items. We have a handful of industry veterans who would convey your vision in the most timely manner.

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